Labour and Employment Relations Specialists 

We have a proven track record over many years protecting our clients from the inconvenience and expense of CCMA cases and labour relations issues. We enhance our clients' business by implementing proper contracts, procedures and policies, ensuring seamless management of employee performance and conduct. We assure terminations and dismissals are risk free and in line with best practise procedures.

We offer key services in mediation, arbitration and conflict management and are able to deal with any and all employment related issues ensuring compliance with relevant labour legislation and ensuring any litigation is effectively handled.

Outsource your labour and industrial relations needs to Optimum Labour Law and let us partner with you to support your core business. 

Sheldon Roothman

As a business owner, do you have any of the following problems? 

Book a free consultation with us and we will be more than happy to help you. 

  • Are you currently experiencing staff issues?
  • Are you compliant with current Labour Law?
  • Has discipline or performance become a problem?
  • Do you know what constitutes a fair dismissal and fair labour practise?
  • Do you have up to date comprehensive contracts, policies and procedures?
  • Do you understand terminations and dismissals?
  • Have you been taken to the CCMA or Labour Court?
  • Do you need an expert to chair disciplinary hearings or representation at the CCMA, Bargaining Council or Labour Court?


It is of important note, to state herein that we’ve had many Attorneys work for us before Sheldon, and without any iota of doubt, he has stood out among the lots. Professionalism in service delivery is a rare attribute among service providers, these days, but in the case of Sheldon, he exhibited this at all times he’s called upon to address any matter on our behalf. Another special attribute I must not fail to mention, is his timeliness in the provision of helpful information to our Management. This was well pronounced during this very difficult period of COVID-19 pandemic. Every information required for us to be in good standing with our employees and the labour law, were not only promptly provided, but he also actively participated in coming up with the right solution to navigating the challenges that came our way during the period. (Reference Letter)

As a business owner its always harrowing trying to deal with staff and to do so in the correct manner. With all the rules and regulations that apply to business owners, with regard to staff, it certainly can take up a lot of time just trying to manage staff issues! I was fortunate enough to employ Optimum Labour Law to manage all my staff issues which has alleviated me and given back a lot of time. I am confident that when dealing with my staff it is now done professionally and by the law. Sheldon is thorough and he gets the job done whether it be a dismissal, warning or counselling.
I am very happy with Optimum Labour Law!

Optimum Labour Law has worked for Plumbworld and KFT Construction for the past two years and has help both companies to become legally compliant on all of our labour and HR
Requirements. Sheldon has been a huge help in this process to rectify all areas we had overlook and has been instrumental in the new contract negotiations with all our staff.
Thank you Sheldon for this could not have done it without you.


Statutory Legislative Compliance

Establishing compliance with statutory labour relations requirements.

Disciplinary Management and Administration

Desertion notices, notices to attend disciplinary enquiries, termination agreements and settlement agreements.
Dismissals relating to Retrenchment/ Operational Requirements, Misconduct, and Incapacity connected to ill health or poor work performance.
Chairing disciplinary enquiries.
24-hour telephonic support.

CCMA and Bargaining Council Representation

Representation at Conciliation/Con/Arb/In Limine or Arbitration hearings at the CCMA or relevant Bargaining Council.

Drafting and Review

Providing contracts of employment, employment policies, and disciplinary codes.

Collective Bargaining & Industrial Relation Training

Representing your company, by attending staff or union meetings in respect of Industrial or Labour related matters.
Attending to matters pertaining to industrial action and/or strikes.

Training relevant to your company's industrial relations.


Labour Court matters. 


Optimum Labour Law started with the aim to provide comprehensive and professional outsourced management of our client’s Industrial Relations needs by offering expert solutions and professional advice.

Our objective is to enable our clients to focus on their core revenue generating activities whilst peripheral activities, such as labour issues, are managed, utilising specialised skills and expertise.

It has always been our intention to provide our clients with unique and proactive solutions tailored to suit each company’s individual requirements thereby supporting and contributing towards the overall management of our client’s concerns on a daily basis.

We strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction thereby ensuring the efficient operation of our client’s operations.


We have a 24 hour call facility for legal advice and assistance. Please contact us with all your legal needs.

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